About Us

805 Commercial, Inc. is a commercial real estate brokerage and advisory firm that specializes in the professional representation of  tenants and buyers of commercial property including office, industrial and retail properties. Our expertise in all aspects of commercial real estate, diverse background and years of experience distinguish us from standard commercial real estate advisors and brokers. The founder and principal of the firm, Jeffrey Moscot, has nearly twenty-five years of experience in commercial real estate including office, industrial and retail in a variety of different capacities. For the last twenty years, Jeff has actively practiced real estate and corporate law, owned and managed numerous commercial properties and acted as a real estate broker across all commercial asset types. This multi-disciplinary background and unique skill set allows us to provide full service real estate brokerage and advisory services to businesses of various types and sizes looking to lease or buy commercial property for their business or as an investment vehicle. This distinct background and approach enable us to provide services that are above and beyond the scope of standard real estate brokerage or advisory firms. Jeff's legal background and experience enable us to integrate, into one process, the entire cycle of a real estate transaction from the negotiation of the initial terms to the drafting and review of all documentation that are vital to and become the “backbone” of each individual transaction. Our singular objective is to attain the optimal solution to your specific business or investment requirements while achieving the most favorable financial terms and maintaining a focus on the various legal, technical and logistical issues involved in the transaction to ensure that your business is, aside from achieving the most beneficial financial terms, well protected from any potential pitfalls associated with the lease or purchase transaction.

We offer the following services to our clients: