Tenant Expansion

If you are an existing tenant that would like to expand within your existing location or to a new location, we can serve as an extremely valuable asset to your company.  When you inform the landlord of your desire to expand, they will immediately look to the lease to determine your obligations.  While they will, in all likelihood, try to use these obligations against you in any discussion or negotiation about expansion, the reality is that your expansion plans are, most likely, in their best interests so as to increase their occupancy rate and cash flow from the property.  Having been through similar situations hundreds of times, we know how to leverage the landlord’s actual needs and objectives as opposed to the “bravado” that they may use to tilt the scales in their favor.  In addition to our expertise in this type of negotiation, there are numerous provisions in a commercial lease that we can use in your favor and to ensure, upfront, that we maximize the probability and cost-effectiveness of your expansion including rights of first refusal or rights of first offer, holdover rights, early termination options amongst, relaxation of sublease restrictions amongst other potential solutions.