Tenant Representation

We represent tenants of all sizes and types in their lease transactions whether it is a new lease, a renewal, an extension or a lease modification. As we do not represent only tenant and never represent landlords nor subleases, there is no inherent conflict of interest as with the more traditional real estate brokerage business model.  Our sole focus is to provide you with the best possible outcome in terms of the right space for your business whether it be office, industrial or retail, attain the most favorable financial terms and ensure legal protection in the lease documents and throughout the process. Having been a landlord for nearly twenty-five years and having represented both landlords and tenants as a real estate attorney provides us with different insight into each transaction than a traditional real estate broker and other exclusive tenant representation brokers. In our role as a landlord and in the representation of a multitude of landlords, we understand and are fully cognizant of all of the “tricks of the trade” that landlords often use during both the negotiation phase of a transaction and in the lease documentation itself.  Most importantly, there is no fee for our services as it is standard, throughout the commercial real estate industry, that lease acquisition expenses are borne strictly by the landlord.  Thus, we act as a loyal advocate only to your business at no cost or expense to you.  Landlords, in nearly all transactions, have a broker representing their interest – As a tenant, it is important that you have the same representation so as to ensure a fair and equitable negotiation in all aspects of the transaction.